Fireblock LITHIUM

Today we find lithium batteries in almost every household in the form of cell phones, laptops, hybrid or electric cars (EV), UPS, solar systems (lithium solar batteries) RV/Campers, electric scooters, bicycles and golf carts, torches and a variety of other items.

Due to the presence of lithium batteries in our lives, there is a large chance of having to deal with one of these batteries catching alight in your day to day life.


FIREBLOCK LITHIUM  Stops and prevents Thermal Runaway

Lithium batteries are known to burn extremely hot and have the habit of spontaneously reigniting hours or even days after they have been extinguished. The smoke from Lithium batteries is also potentially dangerous and toxic. With the capacity to cause irritation of the eyes, skin, nasal and even death. In addition the smoke affects the environment.

Overheated batteries is the main reason why lithium batteries catch fire. New Zealand recorded 35 house fires in the first quarter of 2022, with the fires being a direct result of the overheating of house hold lithium batteries.

With EV, overcharging of the batteries, charging stations and motor vehicle accidents are a major factor for the number of cars catching alight. With China recording 7 EV car fires a day, in the first quarter of 2022.

Lithium battery fires are extremely difficult to put out, they also burn for a long time and their reaction to the moisture in the air result in them being highly flammable. Due to their chemical structure, to date most Lithium battery fires have been managed with the use of water, with fire departments spraying a mist of water on the flames to cool the fire down, or dunking a car into a body of water and keeping it submerged over a period of time. For smaller fires fire extinguishers have been used to cool down the batteries.

FIREBLOCK LITHIUM has been developed as the ONLY product on the market that successfully:

  • Extinghuishes Lithium Battery Fires Large and Small, from Mobile Phones to EV's
  • Stops amd prevents Thermal Runaway
  • Is Non toxic and Environmentally safe 
  • Is a super cooling gel

FIREBLOCK LITHIUM comes in the form of fire extinguishers which can be used on small to medium lithium battery fires.

FIREBLOCK LITHIUM, can be supplied in bulk gel format to be used in fire engines or 500L pump and tank systems mounted on a 4 X 4 for rapid response.


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