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Fireblock Agri FAQ

A. FIREBLOCK is a non-toxic fire retardant that is packaged and distributed in a powder form, reducing transport costs and storage requirements. To use FIREBLOCK, it is mixed with water at the point of use. Unlike other fire retardants which remove the oxygen, FIREBLOCK works by penetrating the fire, removing the heat and stopping it dead in its tracks.

A. No! FIREBLOCK is non-toxic and biodegradable, and will in fact help with the water retention of the soil to which it is applied, ensuring better plant growth!

A. One sachet will cover up to 300 m2 taking into account various variables.

A. If stored correctly, sealed in an airtight container and kept in a cool place, the shelf life of the mixed FIREBLOCK gel will exceed 24 months.

A. A normal spray bottle can be used; however, for optimal effect, a firefighting back pack or a bakkie firefighting unit is the best to use. If you use a high pressure bakkie unit or a back pack with a fine sieve – it is recommended that you premix your solution before filling these units.

A. The activated FIREBLOCK gel stays active for between 6 and 36 hours, depending on outdoor conditions (variables like sunshine and rain) and the denseness of the terrain sprayed.

A. Not at all! FIREBLOCK Agri is non-toxic and is not harmful to livestock.

A. Yes, FIREBLOCK is 100% biodegradable. There are no toxic chemicals used in the production of FIREBLOCK.

A. If stored in its sealed sachet (i.e. in powder form) in a cool, dry place, the FIREBLOCK sachets will last for up to 5 years.

A. Please click on this link to view all distributors per area. FIREBLOCK should also be available at your local hardware stores during the latter part of the year.

A. No, it can be used for and in the following ways:

  • Burning Firebreaks.
  • Preventing veld fires and wildfires, by spraying FIREBLOCK on the areas not yet burnt.
  • Stopping veld fires and wildfires by spraying directly into the fire.
  • Preventing embers reigniting by spraying FIREBLOCK on the burnt ground.
  • Stopping burning tyres from burning in seconds.
  • Spraying around your house before an impending fire comes too close, protecting your assets.
  • Spray FIREBLOCK gel on the roof, walls and doors of your house to protect it from a fire, and during a fire.
  • Fighting and preventing all Class A fires (i.e. ordinary solid combustibles such as paper, wood, cloth and some plastics).

A. Class A fires include ordinary solid combustibles such as paper, wood, cloth and some plastics.

A. Should a fire approach, spray the fire break and the house’s roof, windows, doors and walls. This will help to stop the fire destroying your home.

A. No. The mixture ratio has been calculated for optimal effectiveness. By adding extra powder after the initial activation, lumps will form, and FIREBLOCK Agri will not adhere to surfaces correctly. Please follow all instructions precisely.

A. You have not sprinkled the product on top of the water and waited for a reaction to occur, please have a look at the training video for mixing and the accompanying pictures. Instructions for mixing must be followed precisely.

A. This product is not required to be certified as it is for use on CLASS A Fires.

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