Why Fireblock

  • Portable solution; water added to product on-site.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Safe for livestock to ingest.
  • Retains moisture when sprayed on crops.
  • Unique product not only prevents fire but extinguishes it too.
  • Easy to use and quick and easy solution to kill fires.
  • Stops embers from reigniting.
  • Long lasting storage life even if been made into a gel.
  • Cost effective; less than 10c per square metre.
  • Protects homesteads and livelihoods.
  • Can be kept on hand, already mixed, for instant use.
  • Can be made in bulk (stored) and decanted as required.
  • FIREBLOCK gel does not stain and is easy to wash off with salt water.
Fireblock - fire retardant

FIREBLOCK Agri is aimed at the agricultural sector, while FIREBLOCK Blast has unique solutions applicable to the mining context and FIREBLOCK FFG is specifically aimed at the Fire suppression.

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