Fireblock : Fire Retardant

Fireblock Blast FAQ

A. Yes! FIREBLOCK BLAST is a ready-to-use cooling system that can be inserted into blast holes in open cast coal mines. The system comes in 2,0 m joinable sections. These sections are joined and inserted into blast holes with sizes of 170 – 200 mm. Once inserted, the temperature in the blast hole is reduced to a level where an explosive can safely be inserted into a cavity up to 132 mm in the centre of the cooling system, after which the hole can be blasted. The result? Mines that have been unable to be mined for decades, are now being opened up!

A. Tests have confirmed that FIREBLOCK BLAST can successfully reduce blast hole temperatures of over 100 °C, to under 30 °C for up to 3 hours.

A. FIREBLOCK BLAST facilitates the reopening of areas that haven’t been mineable for decades for safety reasons (holes too hot to blast).

A. If they haven’t been accessible due to excessive blast hole heat, then yes! FIREBLOCK BLAST can facilitate the reduction of blast hole temperatures from 100 °C, to under 30 °C for a period of up to 3 hours, making them safe for the use of explosives.

A. Yes! Follow this link and a FIREBLOCK representative will be in touch to discuss and arrange training with you.

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