Technical Information

Fireblock Agri

Product Use

  • Sprayed on existing fires to stop the fire in its tracks.
  • Sprayed on burnt ground to prevent reigniting of embers.
  • Sprayed on homes and shelters before a fire to stop your home and shelter from burning.
  • Used in the burning of fire breaks.
  • Burning of Firebreaks.
  • Fighting of CLASS A Fires and Wildfires.
  • Protecting of Property against the risk of fires.
  • Use in irrigation systems to stop fires.

Fireblock Blast

Product Use

  • For the use in open cast mining
  • To reduce the heat in blast holes.
  • Blasting cap kept cool enough to ignite the explosive gel for up to 3 hours.
  • Only to be used by qualified technicians.
  • A 2.5m Cooling Point is required for each hole needed to be blasted.
  • Additional 2.0m extensions are required for the depth of the hole.
  • Each blast hole requires its one set of cooling points and extensions.

Fireblock FFG

Toxicity Report

fire lab toxicity report (*.PDF)

FIREBLOCK Agri is aimed at the agricultural sector, while FIREBLOCK Blast has unique solutions applicable to the mining context and FIREBLOCK FFG is specifically aimed at the Fire suppression.

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